What Makes Good Copy?

Here we are with our second blog! We hope you enjoyed our piece last week about copywriting, marketing and what we do. This time around we’re going to talk about what we think makes good copy.

There are plenty of writers out there. Some good, some bad and some indifferent. Anyone can write something. All you need is a pad and pen (or laptop?) and hey presto! You’ve got the ability to write. But what people soon find out is that there is a difference between being able to write in the literal sense and being able to write well. To write for a customer. Which is where Sunshine come in handy.

So for blog number 2 we wanted to talk to you about a few of the things we like - and put into - all of our copy.

Firstly, we love the personal touch. There’s nothing better than thinking an advert, or a piece of writing, or a blog, or a letter is talking directly to you. Yes, you! You there, reading this. This whole piece is aimed at you! Congratulations. Now we command you to keep on reading...

Next up, it has to be something appropriate to the reader. This is really important because there is absolutely no use using dialogue that would be better placed in a text conversation if you’re writing a strapline for pension plans for the over 65s. That would just make you look like a totally trippin’ bozo, dude...

Likewise, you need to gauge the formality of what you're writing. Do you want to deliver a warm and fuzzy feeling to the audience, or would something crisp and straight to the point work better?

How’s the hook? You need something that’s going to draw in the reader, and have them make a decision to buy your product, use your service or pick up the phone and ask more questions. It can be something witty, but it should always provoke thought. It can be serious, but it shouldn’t be bland. At the end of the day, you need a call to action and for someone to part with money. It’s as simple as that.

These are just a few of our thoughts, but we’d love to chat to you move about what we think makes good copy, and why we’re best served to deliver it to you. We’re creative, appropriate and know what good looks like. So why not give us a call, you can find our number on our contact page.

Good copy is enjoyable, but great copy is what leaves a lasting impression.