Copywriting, Marketing and What We Do.

Here we are: A blog. We’re a company that offers services to do with the written word and we haven’t even had our own blog for over 18 months. That’s crazy! So we’ve decided that we’re gonna put something together. Every week we’ll choose a topic. Sometimes it will be fun, other times it will be very work-focused (boring, we know) and other weeks.. well, who knows. Let’s just see where it takes us.

For our first topic, we’ve decided to take a look at why you might need (and should use!) a company like Sunshine. Sound like a plan? Excellent, let’s do this.

First things first - we’ll start with the basics:

What we do.

Sunshine Writing Co. started off as a content/copywriting company. Our first clients could have been people just like you; people who wanted to improve how their business came across linguistically, whilst still concentrating on their core product or service. This includes copy (the writing, your core online voice) for your website, key SEO (search engine optimization) and more. And that’s exactly what we do to this day. But that was the beginning, and things have grown since then.

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We still work with language and image. But we’ve expanded a little to include some other core ideas that could further help grow your business. We’re dealing with social media now. Social media is such an important part of the process of growing your business digitally. Customers don’t magically appear with social media. They don’t instantly start buying your product or service just because you set up an Instagram account or create a Twitter handle. But it’s a key part of the journey a customer will go on. It’s not the whole ladder that is them spending their money, but it’s a few of key steps. We manage these steps with character, adding a professional, formal or fun tone of voice to your business.

We’ve also been learning about PR. And whilst we aren’t a fully-fledged PR firm, we know how to utilize some of the more flexible PR ideas to help businesses who are looking to have their voice, brand and product seen, heard and used.

There’s so much more we can do to drive awareness for your business - digitally or physically - that will offer great value for money. We’re a tight-knit bunch, and you’ll get our entire attention. And you’ll get results, too. Which is always nice.

Please don’t think you have to use all of our services, especially if you’re on a budget. We operate a pix ‘n mix mentality with our services, meaning we’ll tailor ourselves to your budget, picking the most valuable approach for you.

The best way to find out more is to give us a call. Take a trip over to the contact us page here, and let's get this conversation started. The quicker you call us, the quicker we can start evolving your business for you and the quicker we can help you grow. Deal?

Well then. Our first blog down. That was fun! We’re definitely going to do this again sometime. How does next week sound to you? Good? OK great! See you then, you beautiful people. Be sure to give us a shout if you have any questions.

Lots of love,

Luke x