Social Media Planning: Create Relationships, not just Content

Over the last 6 months, we’ve moved into the social media space. Partly, it makes sense to do so. Copywriting is storytelling with a focus on appreciating the needs of the customer. Social media content isn’t too dissimilar, with an added interest in engaging with the right people on a more personal level. Gone are the days when you can schedule posts two weeks in advance for the following month. People don’t want their interactions robotic. Customers have figured out which types of marketing are sincere and what is preplanned. There’s no better way to seem sincere than being so. Creating content is no longer enough. It’s about creating a relationship, too. This is where social strategy and copywriting part ways.

We haven’t stopped copywriting. Just as an FYI. We’re still typing and thinking and talking copy. But we’re just moving outward a little. We also noticed a change in the tide for social media management and we’re ready to move with it. Here are a few of our thoughts on the matter:


Be a voice

This should be such an important part of your social media game. Be someone, don’t just be anyone. What does your brand say about you? What would you like it to say? And who are you trying to talk to? These are the most important questions. Then stick to that like glue.


Be flexible, be entertaining, be creative and give a damn.

Quite the subheading, this one. But it is a huge factor in the 2018 social media landscape. How can you seem personable if you’re writing the same things over and again? How can you come across positively to a more aware audience if you’re only logging onto Tweetdeck once a month to schedule the following months content? You can’t, is the answer. So always be social. Treat social media in the same way you would your next networking event and bend over backward for people.


Be a relationship, not a salesperson

Wanna sell something? Then open a shop. Social media isn’t for selling. Not directly, anyway. It’s true you can create brand loyalty through social media if you’re very good at it, but mostly you’re creating awareness. The best way to make people aware is through forming relationships. Reply to enquiries. Write fun, informative and interesting posts. Don’t just post the hard sell. It’s a turn-off.


Be patient

This is a good one. Remember this! The beginning of your foray into social should be based on creating awareness (offline as much as online) and using time to poke, prod and peek into what your market and customer base is doing/saying then engage. But only when it doesn’t look forced. This is a great way to build a following. But it does take time. And if you’ve not got time, find someone who does.